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Thank you for considering us for your next catering event.

Our Taco truck service is a very easy and convenient way to service your guest.

Our driver drives the Taco Truck to your venue home or business.

Sets up the Taco Truck in 30 minutes.

He will have a small table where he will set you sides on chaffing dishes to keep them warm.

Ready for your guest to self-serve and enjoy the Taco Truck.

We give a min of 3 Hours to keep truck.

Once done, driver will pack his things and leave.

Customer can keep any extras that are in foil trays.

Out of Dallas depending on distance. (Price may vary)

We base the count on 3 tacos per person

You also have the option to purchase our fresh and delicious sides.

Which we recommend experiencing the full wonderfulness of The Taco Truck.


We use 100% vegetable oil and peanut oil.

·      Rice

·      Beans

·      Queso

·      Guacamole


We will provide:

·      3 Salsas

·      Lettuce

·      Pico de Gallo

·      Jalapenos

·      Shredded Cheddar Cheese

·      Shredded Monterrey Cheese

·      Sour Cream

·      Chips


We DON’T provides:

·      Napkins

·      Forks

·      Spoons

·      Plates

·      Paper Goods



Contact us at (214)319-9776 if you would like to speak to one of our Catering Specialist. Contact us to Book your next event.

·      Viviana

·      Ericka


Visit us at mlcatering@gmail.com