One beef enchilada, one chicken enchilada, one crispy, toca, rice and beans

Two enchilada cheese or beef with chile con carne & one chalupa rice & beans

Two chicken enchilada with green sauce & one crispy taco, rice & beans

Two cheese enchiladas with red sauce, one tamale rice & beans

Two chicken and cream enchiladas, one crispy taco, rice & beans

One big chimichanga, beef or chicken, rice & beans

Taco salad with bean, meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream and guacamole

(3) flautas with lettuce, tomato, cream cheese, rice and beans

(2) grilled fajita tacos, served with rice, beans, & pico de gallo

Fajitas- beef or chicken, rice and beans, guacamole and pico de gallo

Quesadilla - beef or chicken with salad and guacamole

Chile rellno- Stuffed Poblano Pepper(cheese or beef) with ranchero sauce, rice & beans

(2) fajita gordias with rice and beans

Two crispy tacos, one chicken enchilada and green sauce with rice and beans

Mexico Lindo - Grilled chicken breast with ranchero sauce, rice, beans and guacamole

Nachos- beef or chicken with beans, guacamole, cheese, jalapeño and tomatoes

(3) Delicious tamales with rice & beans